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ROI-Driven Marketing Without the Stress - Professional Content Creation Made Easy!

Tired of content marketing with no ROI?

You’re in the right place. 

Because we know that Likes and Followers don’t pay the bills, SO we only get paid when you do

I’m Priscilla Shumba, and I serve Christian women who are tired of having amazing services that feel like their industry's best-kept secret. 


I create strategic content frameworks for entrepreneurs like you to position themselves as the obvious choice in their niche market - all while allowing them to stress less about hours and money spent on content creation, generating ROI, and building a body of work aligned with their values. 


With an MBA/BA, Bloomberg Media Initiative Africa (BMIA) certification, and Copywriting training from the ‘best of the best’  IYKYK, I’ve helped small business owners fall back in love with promoting their businesses. 


How do I spend my days? Rolling up my sleeves to do the ‘behind the scenes work’ for Faith-driven entrepreneurs, so they can focus on doing what they do best: creating magic for their clients.

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As a creative entrepreneur and an all-round business strategy nerd, I was great at creating irresistible offers but horrible at selling them.


I fell for that once-wise old adage “Build It And They Will Come.” The only problem was it was 2020 and the markets had become noisy and crowded.


I needed to learn how to market my offers in today’s online world.


And that’s what i did, I started a podcast, opened social media accounts, and …


... the rest is history.


I’d like to help with your transformation story. 

Our Mission:

Championing Christian Women Entrepreneurs.

Our Values:

  Service.   Generosity.   Integrity.

Craft Your Legacy Content In 3  Easy Steps:


Book a no-obligation, Totally FREE collaboration call. Fill me in on all the details, the magic you create, the impact you envision, your business goals and ROI expectations. 



Please select from the 2 methods of delivering our SheMedia Mastery signature program.

  1.  Done For You, OR

  2. Done With You. 


Our behind-the-scenes work begins! You won’t even notice we’re there. Seamlessly boost your impact.

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A few fun facts about me!

  • I was raised in Zimbabwe (Southern Africa), College educated in the U.S, and now live in the Aussie Outback.

  • Outside of the seriousness of getting my clients results, I have two littlies (my kids) that  keep me young and silly 

  • I drank mostly tea (a LOT of tea!) until recently, a morning Soy Latte is now that calming part of my morning routine.

  • I've been a yo-yo weight watcher for the longest time, but I think I've finally cracked the code on the joys of an active lifestyle - my style is a little a day consistently with a little turn up on the intensity volume now and then. 

  • I have been a podcaster for over 2  years, with 100+ episodes and I still get nervous before recording an episode. I've met some amazing people from all over the globe through my podcast.

Got big dreams?
Let's make them happen! 

Tell me more. 

Got 2 minutes for our Faith & Biz Power Up?

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