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3 Professional Communicator Tips From A 5xTedX Speaker And International MC

Honor every opportunity no matter how ordinary it may seem. ~ Dan Ram

I sat down to have a virtual chat with one of Europe's leading tech MCs, Dan Ram on the ReinventingPerspectives Podcast . If you have listened to the podcast before you know that I was committed to picking his brain, learning from his experience, and getting some tips on how you and I can become professional communicators.

Even if you have no interest in being a professional speaker this conversation will help you to give better presentations, keynotes, motivational talks to your team and family. To quote a previous guest of the show, author of Speak With No Fear, Mike Acker says,

If you improve your communication you catapult your ability to earn more and to have better relationships.

Here is the podcast interview ⬇️ (Also available on our podcast website)

Tip #1:

Understand the audience, their needs, their expectations, their gender breakdown, their professional breakdown, and the outcome the event organiser is hoping to create through your service.

**NEVER EVER skip this step.**

It's the foundational step for every speaker.

Never assume you know what is required. Craft your presentation for the audience and not for your offering.

Tip #2:

Practice, practice , practice. Did I say practice? I'll say it again.

The reason you should practice until your presentation or pitch is second nature is because when you go out to give it - things go wrong in the real world - and you don't want one of the things to be your forgetting your words because you got flustered by the poor sound or the blank faces.

Think about professional athletes, they run the same plays over and over again in practice. Focusing on every minute aspect of the play; from their posture, to their breathing, to their leg movements, and more. It's not because they don't know the game, they live the game. But it's out of the recognition that once the whistle for GAME ON goes off, anything can happen.The only way to masterfully adapt to any changes is to have them be second nature. Like a pro you can make the necessary switches to get the victory without having to think about it.

Bonus PRO Tips From Dan Ram

  • Dan Ram practices even the opening line over and over again.

  • Practice on video (YES, get used to seeing how you move) if it looks awkward to you, it probably is. Figure out how to look and feel comfortable.

  • Practice the speaking delivery. Dan does audio recordings on his phone to check if he can keep his own attention.

  • Observe masterful storytellers to understand how they draw the audience in. Dan studies magicians, comedians, and TedX talks just to name a few.

  • Go LIVE on social media to get that immediate feedback. (Be prepared for how tough it is to grab the attention of scrollers.) Remember the aim is to appreciate the difference between keeping people engaged virtually as opposed to in-person.

Lastly, you can't improve your craft by reading alone. Go out there and in Dan Ram's words,

"Start NOW. Start SIMPLE."

P.S Please share with a friend if you found this helpful and leave a review when you listen to the podcast episode. Thank you 😊!

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