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AI- Powered Content Creation For Entrepreneurs, Coaches, & Small Business Owners

For most coaches and entrepreneurs that are starting out, there isn’t a marketing department (yet!), and all the marketing falls on the entrepreneur who in most cases has zero background in marketing. So, it can literally take hours and hours  to create content, and this is time that we need to allocate to highest & best use which is:  PROSPECTING FOR NEW BUSINESS. 

This is why AI is your “work best-friend’!!!

If used properly, AI has the potential to cut your brainstorming sessions in half,  cut your content creation time in half, and get an extra eye on your marketing before you press ‘SEND’. It’s both a time saver and work mate.  Prompted correctly and given the right information it is insanely helpful, BUT and I repeat BUT… you must serve as Quality Control!

🚨CAUTION: AI Technology is a great tool. It’s not 100%. Always Edit. Control the QUALITY. As the owner of the business, it’s your duty to make sure that everything that you put out there is a reflection of you and your business. 

No more lectures, I promise🤞🏾 –  That’s not why you’re here.  

I could tell you how to use AI for creating content, but I think if I show you, it’s self-explanatory. 

📢 Let’s dive in!  


Step 1: Define your target client

Step 2: Prompt AI 

Step 3: Edit for the best ideas. Create a spreadsheet or a simple table with these ideas. If you’ve already been through your Entrepreneur’s Guide To Social Media Success, I recommend being in ‘documentary mode’ to capture content ideas as you go about your day to day life. This way, you’ve got a combination of content that’s unique to you and from your perspective and in addition, what the tech says your target client is interested in. 

Who said coming up with content ideas was hard?

Real work examples are included in the BONUS section of The Entrepreneur's Guide To Social Media Success.

Get your digital copy instantly!


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