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How To Use Your Faith To Conquer The Business World

Updated: Mar 7

It may feel like you can't place your faith first and still be winning at business. But, it doesn't need to be one or the other. Believe it or not! Let's unlock the secrets to making ethical decisions that resonate with your Christian beliefs while building a thriving business that stands on a solid foundation of integrity. Here are some helpful hints to creating more happiness and fulfilment in your business life:

Remove all the pressure, you don't have to write your unique life manual to live out your faith and do business.

It's already been done for us! We simply need to search our Bible (yes, google search!) for the scenario we need guidance on. There are many Greats in the Scriptures that have tackled entrepreneurship while pursuing their faith. Wealth creation is not a modern concept. Abraham was so blessed that he couldn't live in the same area as Lot, their physical assets would put too much pressure on the land, not to mention that their employees were so numerous that they kept fighting. God blessed His people! It was known. That's why Jabez could pray for his territory to be enlarged (1 Chronicles 4: 10 ). Desiring to be successful in business is a good thing when we put God first (Matthew 6: 33). He is the source of ALL things.

The Bible has the answers to ALL questions of life (and Business!).

If you believe this, as I do, then you know that the problems we experience as new entrepreneurs or corporate career climbers of faith have nothing to do with the instructions of the Word but our perspective.

Apply a 1st principles approach to business & life matters.

Reduce everything to fundamental truths of the Bible. When we focus on the specifics of what's happening, rather than why it's happening we can get lost in the emotions of a situation and fail to navigate our way to the truth. We can think the Bible doesn't cover this exact thing. For example, we may encounter bad news that our competitor or colleague is spreading negative news about us or our products on social media. My natural response is to want to defend myself. This person is ruining my brand, business, and reputation. As a Christian, I know that people slandered Jesus Christ who was pure and innocent. Some of the things people would say about me that are not so nice might also be true. For all have sinned (Romans 3 : 23), but Jesus was 100% innocent. So, why am I offended again??

The spotless lamb of God without blemish or defect ( 1 Peter 1 : 19) had His name dragged in the streets and ended up on the Cross. Jesus never defended himself. He carried on with His assignment. The Message remained the same. The Truth never changes. This amplified the message to those who had believed. He couldn't convince the 'haters', they had to be there. They served a purpose too. So, go deeper in purpose and never mind the nay-sayers. Rather extend the same grace that you and I received and pray for them (Luke 6 : 27 - 28 ).

The ways of God are contrary to the ways of the world.

Strive for authenticity

Be mindful not to lose yourself in "the way things are done". Be transformed by the renewing of your mind so that you can test and approve God's will (Romans 12:2)

We are often taught to compartmentalise. I don't know if you grew up with this way of approaching life where there is a time and place for everything. We put on different personas depending on where we are, and I'm not saying that's not useful or practical. It's a necessity. However, we must remember that we are the same person in all those different scenarios. We may be more reserved or required to be more vocal at the work meet-up but we still hold the same values. We don't throw away who we are to "fit in" to this temporary environment. Our core beliefs remain unchanged.

We are spiritual beings having an earthly experience.

When we are aligned with our spiritual beliefs, we exude authenticity. We filter situational things based on who we believe we are. A son or daughter of the Most High God.

We have an example who was without fault in Jesus Christ. He handled every situation perfectly. He was a friend to all, but he never became all things to all people. If you think about it, such a person would be untrustworthy. We can trust Him because he was unchanging. The same yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrews 13 : 8). Love was His nature, for God is love (1 John 4 : 7).

People will see your fruit and know who you are. Every good tree must bear good fruit. Whether we choose to be or not, we are a living testimony. ( Matthew 7: 15 - 20 )


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