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Are You A Leader Of The Future?

If someone were to ask you: What kind of leader are you?

How would you answer this question?

I think most of us (certainly I would) begin with the philosophy of leadership we subscribe to. Perhaps "principled leadership" or maybe "servant leadership"or perhaps we would refer to an individual whose teachings we follow, "John C.Maxwell" kind of leadership.

Well, this conversation with Judith Germain made me realise that true leadership isn't about what we do or how we do it but more so about who we are. She says Maverick Leadership is not about the "Act of leadership" but it's more integral to the person. Who are you? And then what do you do?

When we break down the problems we face with today's prominent leaders, it's mostly a misalignment between who they are (what they do) and what they say. This is the reason that the masses disengage from participating in elections. All political leaders say the right things but very few can live up to their own proclamations.

Not to be too harsh on those who serve us at high levels, because they are only doing what the rest of us do in private spaces. The old way of doing things is broken and people are tired of "actors" in the place of leaders. Here's where the future of leadership belongs to mavericks!

Maverick leadership begins with person; understanding your own values, the impact you were born to make, and as Judith says "your passion place." When we understand our unique DNA and the change we were born to rally people around, then we can do the things that we say because we are in alignment with our unique contribution as a leader.

As entrepreneurs and business leaders when we understand the DNA within us, it frees us to create a vision and mission that will excite and engage those who are the right fit for accomplishing the VISION. This is not to say we don't need to develop and grow as leaders, but rather that we begin with our own internal compass for direction and then grow our ability to navigate the things we encounter on the journey of executing our vision through various leadership teachings.

If you've never thought of yourself as a leader, YOU ARE A LEADER, first of all: to yourself. Take that on. Self-leadership is mission #1. Can you inspire yourself to do great things? Can you do what the eye of your mind has planned? Can you be accountable to yourself? Can you live a life that honours the values you hold close to your heart?

Now, can you answer that uniquely profound question: Who are you?

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. If you found any value in it please share and check out this amazing podcast episode with Judith Germain, The Mindful Maverick.

Be Inspired to LIVE fully!

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