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Beating Impostor Syndrome and Sharing Your Genius On LINKEDIN

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

This "hyper-connected" world we live in, is a breeding ground for impostor syndrome. The irony of it is that there is less genuine connectedness and really more social anxiety caused by being able to compare yourself against everyone you've ever known and don't know in a matter of minutes. Not to mention that we're all comparing our real lives to the highlight reels of others. (They have real lives too! lol)

As new entrepreneurs, it's easy to be hit by a tonne of impostor syndrome. After all, you're no Mark Cuban or Shark Tank investor (not yet!!). So most of us tend to under-share what we're doing, we don't want any attention on our small and humble beginnings. And this is the exact opposite of what we should be doing.

Promote your business like your life depends on it.

As 10X Challenge Founder and Real Estate Mogul, Grant Cardona says, "If they don't know you, they can't cashflow you." Everyone you meet should know what it is you're doing and WHY, even if they don't need what you sell, they will know someone who does. A simple rule of thumb to live by as a new business owner, if you're using 50% of your time for business activities, spend the other 50% on promoting your business. Network! Shake hands, talk to people, let them know the value you're creating, who it's for, and what outcomes you bring about for your clients.

If you're online, provide a clear message and call to action for your audience. Social media marketing can be overwhelming. Between creating content, posting, engaging, and following up on leads it's easy to get burnt out. This is why it's important to prioritise our activity based on the outcome we expect out of each action.

For example, If the priority is to shake more hands and build a network. The #1 place for building a network is LinkedIn. Remember, "Your net worth is your network."

Everyone on LinkedIn is there to grow their network.

So it's not being rude or showing off to share what you're doing in your business A WHOLE LOT. It's normal to share what you're doing, and in case you haven't noticed everyone else is sharing their accomplishments on LinkedIn constantly.

This week's Reinventing Perspectives Podcast episode is on how to use LinkedIn for business and marketing in 2022/23.

Power up your business brand with some key takeaways from She's LinkedUp Founder, Karen Yankovich:

  • LinkedIn is not your digital resume. It's a place to showcase your personal brand. Forget about the list of certifications, and tell your compelling WHY story.

  • Understand that your objective on LinkedIn is to land contracts. It's not to sell one item at a time. GAME SHIFTER! Showcase your value and not just your offer. Go back to fundamentals: a new avatar requires a new strategy, and the aim of marketing is to elevate what you're doing. Understand what matters to your avatar, and use your marketing to speak to that.

  • There are 3 categories of people to have on your network. Firstly, people who will buy your product. Karen Yankovich says this is the most obvious and least important category. Secondly, people who know people. People who can open doors even though they are not necessarily your client profile. This is the most important category of people. They are able to refer you to other people. Thirdly, build relationships with journalists in your area. This category is important for building credibility. They lend you their credibility when they mention you in an article, podcast, or radio interview. In the beginning, collecting testimonials and recommendations is currency for a new business.

Referral business is the most profitable.

To learn more about how to power up your brand and tips on how to use LinkedIn in your marketing strategy listen to this episode here or watch here.

Be encouraged and keep the faith!

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