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Biggest Lessons From A Startup Founder's Road To Success

As a new entrepreneur, the single best thing you can do for yourself is to get around other people doing exactly what you're doing. It's like going to the gym alone, sure you could still get your workout in if you're a disciplined individual, but having company makes you work out harder, and faster, and it's more fun.

The best part of being the host of the Reinventing Perspectives Podcast (where we're on a mission to help entrepreneurs win at life and business), is getting to 'pick the brains' of Founders. This week's guest on our Founder's Series is Ethan Hirshberg, the Founder of Ethan's, a company that provides clean organic energy at your fingertips. Ethan's is about creating products that are not only organic but organic + nutritious + safe + accessible.

If you want to listen to the episode or watch the episode, we have you covered!

Some key takeaways from the episode:

  • Set your values and be very clear on the non-negotiable things from the onset. The moment you begin to bring on a team, investors, and a board, each group will have their own idea of what's good for the business, and often it boils down to $$$.

"Your Mission Will Be Tested." ~ Ethan Hirshberg
  • Name your business something that could be an umbrella term rather than a specific niche. Ethan named his business Ethan's, advice he got from someone when starting out. The initial idea is never the final business, there will be many changes to your business as you test and iterate. In essence, you have no idea what your business will actually be. To avoid having to change names and rebrand early in the process, pick a general name.

Direct Feedback Is The Golden Ticket
  • Seek out direct, honest, and even brutal feedback says, Ethan. Let people say your product or service sucks! Then ask WHY? This is the key to creating a product/service that your true fans will be raving about. In life most people generally shy away from criticism, it's a natural defence mechanism. As an entrepreneur, it's mission-critical to develop a thick skin and seek out constructive criticism. It's the only way we grow.

Feed Your Flame Of Curiosity As A Habit
  • There will be many reasons to give up on your entrepreneurial journey. There are times when it will get so hard, that you question if it's even worth it. There will be times you just feel like you can't give any more of yourself to this dream. This is when having a pre-set routine on how to deal with the low moments is crucial. For Ethan, it's going through the stack of emails from customers that have been impacted positively by their mission and products. For you, it may be going back to the reason you began this journey. I would also add, to make sure you bake into the routine things that inspire you. Try to always feed your flame of curiosity as a habit.

Stay Connected To Your End Consumer So You Can See The Impact
  • The most important quality of an entrepreneur is to have a growth mindset. Understand that whatever you need to do, you have the ability to learn how to do it, become competent at it, and over time excel at it. The 10 000 hour rule, although arguable in its accuracy, will always work in your favour if you apply it. The only way to get good is to DO. And as Myron Golden says, if you can DO then you can BECOME, once you become, then you will HAVE.

A Growth Mindset Shatters All Excuses

Enjoy this Founder's story! I hope you are encouraged in knowing that Rome wasn't built in a day. Build intentionally with the people you desire to impact in mind and over time, the energy you're putting out will begin to come back to you as proof that you're on the right track.

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