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Updated: Nov 6, 2023

What is the Day 1 Mentality?

Elements of Amazon's Day 1 Culture:

Being customer obsessed. What does you customer need and want?

Maintaining a long term focus. How does every business activity fit into the long term vision?

Embracing failure. Innovation requires trial and the unavoidable errors. Experiment!

Being proactive rather than reactive. What actions can we take before we're forced to do so?

Making well thought out decisions very quickly. What are you doing to get better at making decisions?

Having small teams that innovate and grow the businesses capabilities. What areas of competence can grow to become strategic advantages?

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos credits their success to always having a Day 1 Mentality even though they've been in business for over two decades.

Here's the challenge:

What can you do to keep a day 1 mentality in your business?

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