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Updated: Nov 10, 2023

Once you put yourself and your product out there, the problem isn't what other people will think of you. The real issue is: Have you developed a thick skin? says Serial entrepreneur and Entertainer, Brimstone.

What's your process of dealing with harsh criticism?

I have to admit this is a work in progress for me, but I'm definitely better than I was as a new bright-eyed entrepreneur. Harsh feedback is rattling to the core especially when you don't expect it. I believe it's a necessary evil though (😅), to force us to justify our position even if it's just to ourselves. Refine your "WHY?"

Understand it and be able to defend it. For most of us if we're not tested we don't do this internal work. We can be blinded by our own ideas. All of them seem amazing in our minds but not all are naturally. Absolutely no-one is correct 100% of the time.

Allow your position to be tested by naysayers, not because their opinion matters but for you to gain clarity on your own idea.

My personal stance is that my vision is not up for compromise, but the way to get there can always be improved with better information.

For the full podcast episode, Building Brand Businesses with Brimstone go to:


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More information: Entertainer and serial entrepreneur, Brimstone, unpacks his thought process in building a brand that he has leveraged across multiple industries.

With Jeff Bezos, they say it was never about the books. With Brimstone, I would say, it was never about the wrestling.

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