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Excellent Customer Service Increases Profitability #BrandStrategy

“Get A Customer, Keep A Customer, Make A Profit.”

~ Dr Kelly Henry

As entrepreneurs we often make customer service an afterthought. A one liner in our standards of operation about what to do when a customer makes a complaint. This is a HUGE missed opportunity for creating a profitable competitive advantage.

As consumers we know how rare great customer service is. When we experience it, we want more of it. Just that simple!

Here’s some suggestions on how to make customer service the thing that puts your business in a category of one:


Are you sales obsessed or customer obsessed?

What is the experience that you are selling to your customer?

You set your culture by what you do, not by what you say.”

~ John C. Maxwell

Always apologize 100% of the time. A heartfelt apology can turn around any situation.

“A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.”

~ Proverbs 15: 1


Customer service is an opportunity to let your company values shine.

What are your company values? Show don’t tell.


How should the customer feel after receiving your email?

How should the customer feel after being on the phone with you or your team?

How should the customer feel after a face to face interaction with you or your team?

This is an opportunity to live out your business mission and values.

Be the best part of that customer’s day!


We all work for our customers.

Facts:They pay the bills that keep us in business. They pay the salaries we earn.

Create a standard and train everyone in the business on it. Every contractor that works with you should be trained on this standard of customer care.

Evaluate and review the customer care standard continually.

You’re either getting better or getting worse. There is no neutral.”

~ Dr Kelly Henry

The personality of our business is maintained by our team. The whole team (including the leader) has to be trained and committed to living out customer service. If they’re not, then you end up with a business with an unpredictable personality. One day it’s all smiles and friendly depending on who's on shift and the next day it’s doom and gloom.

No one wants to trade their precious time and money for an unpredictable experience!

Take the time to craft a strategy or have us help you with your strategy.

Download this article:

Customer Service For Profitability
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