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Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Finding our purpose is one of the most important and confusing things we have to do.

I remember trying to figure out what my purpose was for years. I thought it had to be this big, complicated, shiny thing, out there somewhere. I kept searching with no clue about what I was trying to find. I just knew there was an emptiness or maybe just a persistent boredom in the way I was living. So, I was glad to hear Donna say, it's already in you, sometimes you just haven't realised it's there. Here's a sneak peek at our conversation on finding your purpose ⬇️

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If you prefer, watch here ⬇️

Donna Renay Patrick is serious about walking in her unique purpose, and helping others walk in theirs. She is an Award-Winning Author of two Devotionals - At All Times, and It's In Your Praise. She also co-authored three volumes entitled, The Perfect 7, Stories of Roaring Faith (Vol. 4), and Be Refreshed.

To connect with Donna:

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