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For an unbelievable 2024: Stop Being Afraid Of Failure

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

Failure is simply feedback. Stop being afraid of failure. It's the process of learning. If what you think you know is never tested, how can you be sure 1. you're right 2. you've understood the assignment. 3. that you can apply this with no hesitation (a.k.a mastery). This is how you turn failure and negativity about yourself or a situation into growth and positivity. Embrace it simply as feedback! 💡

Executive and Life coach, Maggie Simm says, Process the learning of what went wrong by asking a few simple questions:

What was challenging about that situation?

What do I not want to repeat?

What did I learn about myself?

What were the gifts and blessings that came from things not going as planned?

What am I proud of myself for, in this situation?

For some of us we're already feeling like total failures coming out of the high of New Year's resolutions and high goals and it's only been less than two weeks. Rather than retreat from our bright ideas, let's process the learning and live to fiercely fight another day, equipped with an understanding of what tripped us up yesterday or yesterday.

Maggie provides simple practical strategies for gaining control of your life, building confidence, and high-achieving habits in the podcast episode "Build Confidence As A New Entrepreneur with Maggie Sim" in our podcast playlist.

Maggie Sim coaches high-achieving individuals to grow into their goals and create the life they truly want. To connect with Maggie go to:

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