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Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Surrender means giving up. Letting go means losing control. Why would anyone be motivated to let go. It’s counterintuitive, as are many of the things that God requires of us through his Word. But when we let go we gain power.

When I look at my life, how many of the things I have tried to control have worked out. Absolutely none! Join me in this exercise, how many of the things you have tried to control have worked out and not just added stress, anxiety, and in some cases depression to your life?

This is my theory. Please oblige me in my thinking (and share your thinking in the comments -- I’m not the authority on life lol). We often try to control things that scare us, things that we need to ensure go a certain way. The only problem is that the things that scare us often scare us because they are out of our control. We are trying to do the impossible! It doesn’t matter how charismatic you are, you can’t control a situation not to mention another person. Granted you can influence them temporarily. If God gave us the opportunity to choose whether we wanted him in our life or not. Whether we wanted to follow Him or not. Why would we decide to try and control other people. And we all do this! Moms, Dads, Spouses, Employees, Siblings…..(Dare I go on. I’ve been there and I know I’m not alone.)

We try and control because we don’t think that God can do it. We may know, in our minds, that God is in control, but in our hearts we try to ensure the outcome ourselves. If you’re an entrepreneur or not, God gives you a vision. He gives you purpose in your heart and mind for that vision. It’s yours! Hand delivered to your heart and mind by a gracious God. You begin to act on the vision, and somewhere along the journey you begin trying to control everything. Stress, overwhelm, anxiety, exhaustion, and loss of well being or balance become partners on the journey. We begin trying to ensure outcomes. A business we have no track record in. God is the only one who can ensure outcomes. He knows the beginning and the end. We begin to assume the position of CEO, and yet we are messengers. God is the CEO.

We are spinning wheels trying to get somewhere and not getting anywhere. Think of a pet chained to a place of safety who keeps trying to get outside the area where the chain allows. Everything your pet needs you have left within reach. The water, the food, the little comfy area of rest; and yet your pet thinks if it can just step outside of the reach of the chain there’s something good. Instead of using up all the resources within reach we want what we don’t have. Fellow entrepreneur, work the land in front of you. Master what you are doing. Do it differently. Transform your current business before reaching for what you don’t have. The time will come for the next level. Be prepared for it.

“Those who work their land will have abundant food,

but those who chase fantasies will have their fill of poverty.”

What I have learnt from doing all the things I just mentioned --Trying to control things and make them happen my way: It’s exhausting and a waste of time.

LET GO. None of it belongs to you.

Remember you are a messenger.

Your only job is to do what you have been sent to do EXCELLENTLY.

Let the control go. GOD IS IN CONTROL.

Understand your sphere of control.

What’s yours to do?

If you’re a parent, it’s providing a suitable environment, mentorship, and being an example. The rest belongs to God. If you’re in business, it’s running an efficient business, always learning to implement, serving your customer and always asking how you can serve them better. The rest belongs to God.

In life you can only do your part. Do it well! Do it joyously. The rest, It belongs to God.


In prayer ask for the strength to do your work, to work your land, with His power.

God has all the answers and strength you need to create transformation in your life and business.

If you enjoyed this share, please look out for the blog post -- "Business Lessons From Letting Go" in the coming days.


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