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GET OUT OF MY WAY! #HeadedToMyGreatness

Say NO to excuses!

Yes, there are many reasons not to get started, and they are probably good reasons too. We can all sit down and fill a book with good reasons - we don't have the time. we don't have the money. we are not in the right headspace. we are already stressed out with what we have going on.... We all have reasons.

Devin Miller says, there isn't an entrepreneur who goes into something they are passionate about and gives it his/her all that ever regrets having made the leap.

In fact, they wish they had started sooner.

If you're not happy with the direction your life is headed, you have the power to change that. The only way to live your dream life is by taking actions that create that dream life. It's not going to be easy and no-one is going to do it for you.

One of my favourite quotes from Denzel Washington says, "Ease is greater threat to progress than hardship."

Think about that. Ease is living unconsciously or in autopilot where stuff just seems to be happening to us. It's true, there are a lot of things that are beyond our control, but there are also a lot of things that are within our control.

We magnify what we focus on.

Focus on what you can do, period. Nothing else. You will find that all of a sudden your down time will disappear. There's a whole lot you can do.

To live consciously, requires that we make the right decisions for that moment, make a commitment to carrying them out, and showing up even when it gets hard, boring, and even painful.

If you don't have time, get up an hour earlier and use that 1 hour to begin with. If you don't have money, use that 1 hour to provide a service that gives you money. Save that money up until it's enough to start something that will give you more money. We all have something that we know how to do. Take a long hard look at what's in your hand. Use it to get you to the next step. Small things grow when we work them.

Pray about it.

There's a solution that's right in-front of you. Sometimes we are just missing that revelation. The vision to see what's possible.

Proverbs 29: 18, "Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he."

Opportunities tend to show up at the most inconvenient of times. Welcome them anyway! Don't send them away with a list of excuses. Tell those excuses to get out of your way. You're headed to your greatness!

What's been knocking at your door?

Remember, God is faithful. He uses the smallest of people to do great and might things for His name.

P.S Check out our lastest podcast episode with Serial Entrepreneur and Founder of MillerIP Law, Devin Miller. It was 🔥.

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