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Small Business Finances De-Coded By A Certified Financial Planner

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

Where to begin? I sat down with Certified Financial Planner (CFP), three time #1 Best Selling Author, and Owner of Lake Growth Financial Services, Mark Willis, to talk about all things small business finance. It wasn't the ordinary prescription money talk! Mark is on a mission to help small business owners think differently about their finances. From out talk, here are a few key takeaways:

1. Find the smallest hinge that can swing the biggest door in your financial life." says Mark Willis.

Mark suggests, taking 20 minutes to jot down the characteristics that you would like your money to have. For example: being able to access it easily, having a growth rate that beats inflation, storing it in a safe asset that I can easily understand etc. Mark's point: If you don't know what you want your money to do, how can you identify the right vehicle for it?

For a FREE course in this exercise go to:

2. "If you don't take control of your finances, someone else will take control of your finances for you.", says Mark Willis CFP.

You know the saying, "You're either learning and going forward, or you're going backwards" Mark says our finances are no different. We're either going upstream or downstream in our financial life. At anytime we can make decisions that change our financial direction and stop flowing down 'the financial gutter of life.' If we avoid taking control of our finances we've already planned to fail. It's that serious!

3. This conversation had me thinking differently about my faith and finances. These are two hot topics that we often separate. For me at least, I've never thought of business finances in the same thought as faith beyond the typical charity and tithing.

I had never even considered the impact of where we keep our money on the condition of our heart. And not just from an intellectual understanding; studies show that there are more people who suffer from heart attacks when the stock market crashes than on an ordinary day. Facts!

Matthew 6 : 21, "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."

Is your financial strategy a potential health hazard?

It's time to start thinking strategically about our finances.

P.S For the full podcast episode that was packed with tonnes of great actionable steps you can take right away to take control of your financial life, go to:

Or watch it on YouTube here ⬇️

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