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Don't measure your success against a false narrative!

Andrena Sawyer says, social media isn't a true depiction of entrepreneurship. Instant success is actually 10 years or more in the making. Sure there are many highs (we all see them) but there are also many lows. Entrepreneurship is a journey not a race. Give yourself the grace to learn, grown, evolve, and reach greater heights at your own pace.

What have you learnt as an entrepreneur?

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Andrena Sawyer is the President of P.E.R.K. Consulting, an advisory firm for small to mid-sized nonprofits and businesses, and the founder of the Minority Christian Women Entrepreneurs Network (MCWEN).

For her work with nonprofits and small businesses, she has received numerous awards including the Startup Africa Woman Entrepreneur of the Year award, The Black Business Review’s 40 Under 40, The International Alliance for Women World of Difference 100 Award, the Women Owned Small Business Award by the Associated Black Charities, and the Hope for Africa Leadership in Community Development Award.

In addition to her work with businesses and nonprofits, she is the author of several books, including: The Misadventures of a New Entrepreneur: 5 Things They Won’t Teach You in Business School.

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