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The Top 3 Entrepreneur Podcasts For A New Entrepreneur in 2024

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

When you're a new entrepreneur the amount of information out there about what to do and how to do it can be overwhelming to say the least. Everyone has an opinion and more often than not they're either saying the exact same thing differently or saying something completely contrary to other "entrepreneur gurus". How to sort out the gems from the time wasters can become a full-time job (I know!). From my experience following a whole bunch (or more) of entrepreneurs, these podcasts have risen to the top of my list for useful resources. So, if your head is spinning from all the conflicting ideas you're getting, start with these top 3 entrepreneur podcasts for a new entrepreneur.

The hosts are out of Sydney, Australia and their show is a well researched production. If you have learning and improving your business acumen as one of your objectives (which you should) then this is a phenomenal podcast to check out. They profile entrepreneurs, companies, and business authors in depth. The goal of the podcast is to having a learning out loud experience with the audience. As a listener, there are books that I will never have to read because they have been analysed, explained, and used to look at practical everyday business situations in a way that my reading alone wouldn't have matched. One of my favourite episodes which got me hooked on this podcast was their breakdown of the book, Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell.

The host David Shands is a U.S based entrepreneur and he brings amazing entrepreneurs on his podcast. Everything from people that have built empires from Amazon drop shipping to 10X Challenge Founder, Grant Cardone. The great thing about this show is that David asks the questions that a person who is starting out would like to know. The objective of the show is to equip people thinking about becoming entrepreneurs. The guests share exactly how they achieved something. Failures and successes! So it's not one of those shows where they hype you up with an instant 7 figures model just to sell you something, and you're still left having no idea what to do. This podcast will grow your exposure to how other entrepreneurs are moving in different industries, and it gives you and idea of what to expect and what to look out for if you decide to start-up in those areas. One of my favourite episodes was Episode 84 with the Olivia Pope of Marketing, Ms Skittlez. Her story will wake you right up!

Before I get to #1, I should have titled this article the top 4 podcasts for early entrepreneurs.

My personal favourite Reinventing Perspectives podcast (our contribution to entrepreneurs) is made for the early entrepreneur who wants to run their business according to faith based principles. We bring peer entrepreneurs who are several steps ahead in the game, but can still speak to the challenges of starting a business in today's environment. Our entrepreneur guests are from all over to globe, and they share their journeys and some practical tips to help new entrepreneurs win at business and life. Occasionally we bring on business coaches to fine tune our mindset for success. Our motto: If you need it, we'll talk about it. One of my favourite episodes is How To Prepare For The Next Level with retired NFL player turned multi-million security firm owner, Shawn Harper.If you want a holistic faith based approach to being an entrepreneur, this is a great podcast to check out. Here's a clip from the Shawn Harper episode:

Now, drumrolls please: At # 1, The Passionate Few podcast with Omar Ellatar.

This podcaster brings the original big name entrepreneurs and newer entrepreneurs to share their stories about how they built their businesses. He gets all the details you think you want to know and more. Everything from the founders of Tresemme and Netflix to entrepreneurs that have made their first millions from door to door sales and beauty companies. Following the journey of these entrepreneurs brings some soberness to entrepreneurship. They share from the moment they had the idea to start a business right up to the moment they sold the business or moved into a different space. It's the complete opposite of everything you see on social media with the instant success stories. So, if you want to have a realist idea of what the journey of an entrepreneur looks like, this is the podcast to listen to. My favourite episode was with multi-billionaire Jon Paul Dejoria. It will blow your mind!

This list will have you covered; from learning, to the how to, to keeping the faith, to understanding the journey ahead.

Let me know what would be helpful to you in your entrepreneurship journey in the comments or at use the subject line "Entrepreneur topics!"

Thanks for your time.

Stay in faith and win at business.

Reinventing Perspectives

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