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Updated: Nov 15, 2023

The INFLATION and RECESSION alarms are being sounded all across the globe. We are entering turbulent times as new entrepreneurs but fear not. There's a saying, 'the best time to train is in rough waters.'

What does the economic environment mean for business owners?

As the cost of living increases, our customers/clients will have less disposable income. This means just like us, they're looking at their budgets to decide what they can live without, and where they can cut corners to make ends meet.


Meaning our product/service has to clearly stand out as a necessity for it to remain on their list. This isn't a time for fluff and frills for entrepreneurs or the people we serve.

Make sure the value that is being delivered through your product/service is clearly understood.

Our business foundations have to be solid AND then they have to be communicated precisely.

Comb through all your business activities to identify the measured outcome against the amount of time and resources being expended on that activity. Determine the baseline and then as renowned Business Strategist, Jay Abraham says it's time to "MAXIMIZE and MULTIPLY." Our goal is simply to ensure that everything is operating at the highest level with the exact same resources that have been employed.

Once our in-house is a mean lean value-adding machine, it's time to make sure our marketing matches. I recently saw an Ad that said something like,

'there are less talented people doing WAY more business than you because they have excelled at marketing.'

It's a harsh reality for most new entrepreneurs. I'm guilty of this too! This is not the time to be haphazard or inconsistent with the marketing systems we employ. It's time to perfect one system and add another system and then another. Forget the tactics, and refine your strategy to WIN.

Last week's guest on the Reinventing Perspectives Podcast was Copywriter and Web Design Strategist Jennifer Westbrook. It was gem-packed, especially for those of us who have websites as ornaments. Our websites are marketing assets that serve a function that should be measured. The single determinant of whether a website converts is the COPY!

The words you use to sell, market, and share your message.

Here are some takeaways from the episode (listen or watch):

  • Don't try to say too much! Keep it simple and to the point. Marketing 101: Confused minds don't buy. What do you do? Who do you do it for? What transformation are you bringing about?

" Speak in the voice of the people you serve." ~ Jennifer Westbrook
  • We don't need to try and reinvent the wheel. How are people talking about the problem you solve? Use their language, not yours. Only use professional jargon if that's the way your target market speaks.

There's that old adage, sell the hole and not the drill.
  • A list of product or service features is not what makes the sale. ALWAYS sell the outcome.

The purpose of CONTENT is to move people to take the desired action.
  • Make sure it's clear what you want your ideal customer to do. Don't leave it up to them to try to figure it out. Provide clear instructions or a Call To Action.

For more tips on what should be where on your website, listen to our podcast episode on How To Write Copy That Converts (As A Beginner where Jennifer Westbrook dives in on how to strategically design your website pages.

Remember the goal is simple, let's maximise what we have to multiply our results.

What will you be doing to prepare your business to not only make it but thrive during these tough economic times?


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