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Updated: Nov 8, 2023

What do people say about you?

Your reputation precedes you. Think about the last time you thought of doing business with someone new. It's part of our due diligence to look for someone who can vouch for this person.

People hear about you before they meet you.

Personal branding isn't a new concept, it's always existed! The advancement in technology just introduced speed to the building of a personal brand. We can reach more people all at once with our message. The only problem with this speed is the reality that bad news travels WAY faster than good news.

There are rooms where your name will be mentioned, and you won't get the opportunity to explain yourself. Be conscious of what you're putting out there.

Be certain that your work is a reflection of who you are.

Develop a good name and let them talk.

Our recent podcast guest, Tom Reach, The King of Networking In Brazil gave us some tips on, What to do when no one knows who you are. Listen to the episode on Personal Branding Tips And Strategies For Achieving Authenticity And Transparency with Tom Reaoch


You can watch the episode here ⬇️

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