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Mercenary, business is an end. Missionary, it's a means to something bigger.

Jeff Bezos makes this distinction between entrepreneurs or business leaders. With a mercenary business is about the money, when tough times hit they are more likely to abandon ship. With a missionary business is just a part of something bigger. They are more likely to stay the course even in difficulties. A missionary is driven by a vision of life that is rooted in a personal reality. [credit: Article by @frank_recomienda]

Are you a mercenary or a missionary?

Think about Jeff Bezos: We no longer wonder why (now that he's built one of the largest companies in U.S history) but I do wonder how Jeff Bezos stayed the course with Amazon despite the many unprofitable early years.

I don't know him personally, so I can only imagine that perhaps he understood the potential impact Amazon would have if he just kept going. The truth about entrepreneurship is that it's very (did I say VERY VERY) challenging. There are a numerous legitimate reasons to throw I the towel along your journey. The only thing that can keep a Christian Entrepreneur going it the knowledge that the business has a greater purpose. When we are following a God given vision, quitting isn't an option. Obedience is how we show that we love God. When it's bigger than us, we don't need to carry it on our shoulders because it's too heavy. The victory belongs to the Lord, we just need to obey the steps that have been ordered for us.

That's how I believe we find peace in the chaos of being entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Maybe there's something to being a missionary and not just a mercenary when it comes to building a legacy business.

What do you think? Leave a comment below "missionary", "mercenary", or "both"

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