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Combat Lifestyle Inflation

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Let's be honest!

For most of us (🤚🏾I'm here too) our lifestyle growth tends to outpace our growth in income.

We are stealing from our financial future hoping it won't make that big a difference if we enjoy a little extra today. It will!

Profit First Expert, Rocky Lalvani, says lifestyle creep is inevitable but we have to put measures into place to slow it down by increasing our savings and investments even as we live a 'little better.'

Rocky Lalvani works with small business owners to bring some sanity back into their business finances. Breaking down the method championed by visionary Mike Michalowicz, Rocky shows how business owners can begin to take steps that will allow them to build wealth and have a business that is ready to weather the storms of life.

To connect with Rocky go to

P.S . Check out the full podcast episode which was packed with tonnes of nuggets on how to reorganise your small business finances for a focus on profit here ⬇️


If you prefer to watch the episode on YT ⬇️

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