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Podcast Success Secrets: 6 Key Factors You Can't Afford to Overlook

Here are the 6 key things most podcasters overlook that will make or break their podcast:

Moving from being an INTERVIEWER to a PERSONALITY to a LEADER of a community

Being a podcaster is a journey. I don’t want to discourage anyone, but I think when we have an idea of what it’s going to take to succeed at something right from the beginning then the staying power is there. They say at about episodes 300 to 400, is when most people become really good as podcasters. They’ve gone from being nervous and unsure of themselves, to asking good questions, to people connecting with the host, to leading a mission. In the world of finance, a really great investment has a mote around it. Which just means it’s not easy to replicate. At 400 episodes, if you use the process to get 1% better every time – the ROI will be significant. It’s going to be a LOT of work – but if everyone could do it, they would. We’re not all going to the Olympics (for a reason) 😀 There’s a big reward for doing what most won’t.

Developing a DISTINCT style

What’s your signature style? That thing that helps those who know you identify your presence. That state of being fully present without any concern about who is around. If you don’t know your style that’s ok too. We can all develop a style. Professional communicators do this early in their careers. They try different styles to figure out what feels the best, connects with the audience best and is most natural. I've even heard it's important to not listen to people in your niche too often, cause the human mind mimicks --its nature. Perhaps listening to comedians, preachers, politicians, activists to identify what made me forget about time and get wrapped up in what they were saying-- practice and see what feels natural)

Elevating your episodes to a LEGACY body of work

even simple things like elevating the excitement I bring to the interview, marketing it more boldly (I don't know if you do this, but I do, I would be like "you may like this episode" or "if you have time to listen".... do you get the lack of confidence. Rather than "this episode is going to blow you away" --the energy behind the words is elevated) etc.


Before pressing record, direct the energy of the episode. People listen to words, but they feel the intention. Consider how an entire department of sales reps will get the exact same script but for some reason, some will fail to sell and others can't stop bringing in the sales. It's the intention behind the words. When we need that sale to pay our late bills, that desperate energy can be felt. When we genuinely want to help the seller make the right choice for them, that energy can be felt too. As a podcaster, be intentional. For instance, why do I want to speak to this person? What should the listener get out of this? How can I honour the guest?


Bored podcasters create bored listeners! YES, your podcast is a very powerful marketing tool, but it must not come off like one ad after another. Ask yourself: Am I having interesting conversations? Like why should someone not want to miss this episode? EDU(cation and enter)TIANMENT not just one or the other. BOTH! This doesn’t need to be complicated. Think about the shows you enjoy watching or listening to. Why do you keep coming back? :

  • Perhaps the suspense, that need to know what happened next. As a podcaster maybe break your 1 ½ hour episode into 2 parts. Create some anticipation.

  • Perhaps the way you feel after watching. As a podcaster how can you encourage, motivate, or just have a feel-good vibe about your episodes?

  • Perhaps you connect with the characters, you’re one of them. As a podcaster, how can you be relatable to your listener (This goes back to that ideal listener exercise). Are you a mom speaking to other moms? It doesn’t matter where you’re from or what you look like. The human experience of motherhood is the same. We all worry about our kids. We all get overwhelmed with creating a home life. The list is endless. CONNECT.

  • Perhaps, it’s that 30 minutes in the day when you can just have a good laugh to yourself. As a podcaster don’t shy away from real-life humour. You don’t need to be a comedian. The funny thing you noticed on your way to work or at the mall. As if you were talking to a friend sharing the thing that had you in stitches that week.

  • Perhaps it’s the self-improvement tips you get from listening. The show is contributing to your feeling of self-growth. As a podcaster, ask how can I leave the listener with something they can put into action to improve their business, relationships, family life etc. Be a GUIDE. (Visit my website for the review of Building A Story Brand by Donald Miller)

I could keep going, but I think the point is clear. Take what you know from other mediums and see how you can apply it to your podcast.


Give yourself permission for this one (It’s HUGE): Being okay with being ourselves. You may not need this tip, but I struggled with this one. Because I wanted the episodes to be palatable I dimmed myself in an effort to not be too business nerdy. I made the classic entrepreneurship 101 mistake: I tried to be for the masses. To make it so that anyone would enjoy listening in to the episodes. Sounds noble but it’s not. If we try to be for everyone we end up being for no one. It’s important to suit a preference. We don’t all enjoy the same music, and that’s ok. Beyonce is giving the “Bey-hive’” more of what they like. She’s not concerned that other people don’t care for her music. Consider that thing that makes you somewhat eccentric and not for everyone. Maybe that's THE THING.

Lean into your competitive advantage.

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Happy Podcasting!

My name is Priscilla, and I'm the host of the podcast Reinventing Perspectives. The home for new entrepreneurs who value Faith & Business.

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