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Prospecting Time Lines and Lead Conversion

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

From the moment in which someone comes into contact with your brand/content/product -- How long does it take for your potential customers to decide they want to buy from you?

Watch this sneak peek of the podcast episode with Messaging and Funnel expert, Brian Gunn ⬇️

The past year has taught us all a lot, including that having a magnetic online presence for your business is not an option, it's a MUST. The problem is, it's a whole new world. From content marketing, funnels, posts that convert, which platform works best for what, and more. If you're like me and have a lot of questions, have a listen to this conversation with content marketing strategist, Breanna Gunn.

Full podcast episode, "Funnel or No Funnel? Content Marketing Tips For Entrepreneurs" at


If you prefer watching here ⬇️

Breanna helps introverted entrepreneurs rock their content marketing. She is a messaging and funnel specialist, working with business owners and solopreneurs to create messaging and processes that inspire loyalty, momentum, and action that leverages trust, authenticity, and profitability.

Breanna uses her more than 10 years of experience with customer service and marketing to uncover the gaps in messaging that lead to lower conversions and plugs them through customized systems, structures, and processes that are bolstered by copy that converts.

To connect with Breanna:

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