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"Highly effective entrepreneurs don’t make those mistakes. They play to the needs of their business, not to the skills and strengths they love or are good at. Great entrepreneurs tackle the biggest issues in their business. They make to-do lists that are dead honest about their biggest challenges, and then set to work solving them. They focus on what their business needs, even if it requires the greatest stretch of their skills."

I couldn't put this book down!

I made so many notes that I have to re-read this book. It's a MUST HAVE if you're a new entrepreneur.

Tiger By The Tail: 99 Secrets To Tame And Master Your Business By Marty Park

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This quote opened my eyes to the cycle I was in. Doing all the things that felt like fun to me and neglecting all the things I'd rather not do. Can you relate?

The author, Marty Park, says as a business owner you have to come out of your zone of comfort or genius and do what your business requires to leap to the next level. It's human nature to want to stick to the things we're good at, while avoiding the things we don't feel comfortable with. However, he says, if you want to be a great entrepreneur, you have to be adaptable. Do what needs to be done in the current business conditions.

What do you think of the author's take?

Thanks to Dr. Ty Belknap for recommending this book to the listeners of the ReinventingPerspectives Podcast

If you're trying to optimise your blog or online business for SEO, listen in on this episode (below). It's packed with gems that you can start doing TODAY to make your business easier to find for your target audience.

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