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Take Ownership Of Your Life

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Everything you're hoping to accomplish is waiting for you to take ACTION. Take the first step, that little bit that you know, DO THAT! Don't worry about how it will take you the next thing. Focus merely on MASTERY. That's all. Master the first step. Become an expert at that one thing no matter how small it looks. That's how we create value in the marketplace--by aiming to OWN a little corner of the market. As an entrepreneur, this is just the beginning. But in order to get to the bigger things, the foundation has to be laid well by taking consistent action with an excellent spirit.

Our amazing podcast guest, Pedro's message: "Begin to take ownership of your life and business." Nothing is impossible with God. If you believe, then take action. The Bible says faith without works is dead.

We show our faith by the actions we take.

To listen to the full podcast episode where marketing expert, Pedro Meneses, shares his journey as an entrepreneur, tips on time management, increasing productivity, marketing strategy fundamentals, and a challenge to work on our mindsets; go to:


Watch the episode here ⬇️

To connect with Pedro:

What can you begin to do TODAY to create the life and business you hope for?

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