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The Rules Have Changed #EntrepreneurLife

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

If going the extra mile in business isn't going to cut it, how do you get through a whole extra marathon?

I've never run a marathon, but I was listening to a new marathon runner saying she almost didn't finish. It made me think of the journey of being a new entrepreneur, so many of us quit along the way.

Despite months of training, she says it wasn't enough preparation. Can you relate?

Midway through the marathon she was literally out of her mind, and if it had not been for her running mate pushing her to keep going when she just could not do it anymore, she would have given up. #BusinessLesson

I love this quote from @lorigreinershark It's a reframing of what it's going to take to win as an entrepreneur. I now have a respect for preparation, endurance, discipline, wellbeing, and process. #sharktankfan

What's your favourite entrepreneurship show?

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